Monday, November 29, 2010

i needed a place to rant

... then i remembered i had a blog :)

ughgggggggggggggghghghhhhhgh today's Clasico was NOT WHAT I EXPECTED. Was I dreaming? no. What's funny is that I dreamt last night that the final score would be 4-0 to Barca. Why, idk. Close to real life huh? uuuuuffff. What happened on the pitch was weird. Weird. We were outplayed. And that's an understatement really. Oh okay oops, we had uh maybe ONE shot on goal. Thank you Angel di Maria. Besides that, we were slaughtered. And we didn't give any effort to stay alive while getting killed. Idk what to attribute our crap performance to. Our midfield, which is of good quality and our most stacked area, was in shambles. Our defense only had moments of bombness (credit mostly to Pepe). Our attack suffered with our midfield not completing passes/giving great options. Iker's face when it was 4-0 was one of dejection and it hurt. Not to mention Cristiano's embarrassing moment with Pep. The hell. And Sergio's moment near the end............. i understand the frustration/tension but it was uncalled for. Valencia's the next match, our defense is gone, UEFA has decisions to make... it's all bad. Mourinho has made me smile a little in the midst of everything though.


"I am not humiliated at all. This is the biggest defeat I have ever suffered in league play. It is hard to swallow because we never had a chance of winning. It wasn’t one of those defeats that leave a bad taste in your mouth because we didn’t deserve to lose or because the referee performed badly or because the ball hit the post. One team played as well as it could and the other played badly. It is a deserving win and a deserving defeat, which makes it easy to swallow."

"The difference between the two teams is a championship that will be even until the end. Barcelona is a finished piece of work after many years together. Real Madrid isn’t a finished product and needs a lot of time to be one. Today’s score is not the difference between the two teams. The outcome is a reward for the team that played well and a punishment for the team that played poorly. It is an easy score to explain and swallow. I am obviously saddened because no one likes to lose, especially by such a large margin."

"I hope this does not affect the players psychologically. I told them exactly that. That the championship didn’t end today. Who knows if we will return to this stadium again this season? Last year I lost here with Inter and a few months later we returned, qualified for the Champions League final and they got stuck at home watching it on television. We must have character. I always tell players that they have reason to cry with joy after winning important matches. You cannot cry when you concede four or five goals. You must be anxious to return to work and win the next match. I wish the Valencia match was tomorrow and not Saturday. After such a bad match you must go right back to work, play and win."

"We gave up two goals close to the net. The ease with which we gave up possession resulted in two goals that were our fault. Down 2-0 against a team that is deadly on the counterattack you have two options. You can settle for the 2-0 or you can try to pressure more. Barcelona played a fantastic match. I am only concerned about my team, which has played phenomenal football until now. Today we played bad and on Saturday we must prove that today’s score was a fluke by returning to our winning ways."

"This wasn’t a tense match. I didn’t feel I could really help. I tried to during halftime, but the game was over once Barcelona scored the third goal. I didn’t want my team to lose its balance and dignity until the end of the match. I knew early on that we had no chance and I felt a little helpless not being able to help accomplish what we wanted."

"I am disappointed because I expected much better, but so did the players. We expected much more. We all feel the same, but the match is over. There is nothing left for us to do. As of tomorrow, there is a lot. We must wait until the next match and continue two points off the lead."

Monday, October 25, 2010

Best start to La Liga in 19 years


Mourinho's Real Madrid has scored 22 goals in eight games and is still undefeated
Edu Bueno / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell

Mourinho's influence on the team goes beyond good performances and excellent results. His Real Madrid has had the best start to La Liga in 19 years thanks to taking 20 points in eight games (6 victories, 2 draws), a first in the Club's history since three points are awarded per victory in the championship. The team also remains undefeated at this stage, which hasn't happened since the 1997/98 campaign.

Mourinho's side has managed to score 16 goals in its last three league games (6-1, 1-4, 6-1) and 22 overall in the competition. At the Bernabeu, the Whites have scored 16 strikes and conceded only 2 so far. Overall, the team has only conceded 4 goals in the league this season, all in the second halves of games.

Since 5 August, Real Madrid haven't lost a single game, including three Champions League matches against Ajax, Auxerre and AC Milan.

Best start to the season since 3 points are awarded per victory
2010/2011 8 20 6-2-0
2003/2004 8 19 6-1-1
2007/2008 8 19 6-1-1

On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo stands out above his team-mates thanks to his impressive numbers. His four goals against Racing Santander marked the first time he's achieved such a feat as a professional and increased his goal count to 9 in La Liga and to 13 overall this season. Ronaldo has already scored 44 goals in 46 games for the Whites.

That's what I'm talking about!! A flawless start and a promising future... but I have to take Mourinho's side and say that we shouldn't get super elated. We have yet to play major ~~contenders~~ (Barcelona, Valencia, Villareal, Sevilla, etc aka those in the top 10) and those will be our truest tests. Until then, I'll bask in the fact that our goal difference is +18 and we're at the top of the Liga. I feel something special happening in the near future :)

Thoughts on "Runaway" by Kanye West.

So. Kanye premiered his debut film called Runaway yesterday. I watched it live on MTV (there were commercials ugh) and as a stan, have a couple thoughts about it:

  1. Nicki Minaj as narrator OH MY GOSH D: The accent is an insult to all people from the UK for real. But from :41 on, it sounded like spoken word lol
  2. The first track on the film sounded like it could've been from "College Dropout"!!! YASSS!
  3. The cinematography was stunning. Big ups to Kanye as a director.
  4. This was the prettiest I have ever seen Selita Ebanks.
  5. The TV was like in "Spice World"! yay
  6. The acting (speaking-wise mostly) was horrendous.
  7. The color pallette was gorgeous.
  8. The music was so good!! I don't really get a "College Dropout" vibe from it though (booo). I get more of a ghetto-er "Late Registration" plus a more subdued "Graduation" vibe from his next album.
  9. The dancing period during "Power".... LOL. But I loved what he did with that beat-maker thing. Super sick.
  10. Rihanna is on a track?!? It sounded good, damn it. -_-
  11. Michael Jackson head!!! hahaha why? but i loved it
  12. oh Kanye, it doesn't matter if you don't want it to symbolize this... but a KKK hood is a KKK hood, sorry #kanyeshrug
  13. Those who know me, know I love ballet. I also love ballet and hip-hop together. I was even thinking of choreographing a ballet routine to E-40's "Gouda" (don't ask why, I just think the two go well together lol). But the "Runaway" ballet sequence was stretched out tooooo long. It was pretty for the first 2 minutes, then it got old and repetitive. Props to them for staying still for so long though!
  14. Selita's screaming when she saw the dead bird!!!! D: LOL
  15. The bird speaks!!! & Kanye saying "I'LL NEVER LET YOU BURN" hahahaha
  16. "Lost in the World" is my jam!!!! The beginning has a "Hide & Seek"-vibe! #lahv
  17. "Monster" wasn't in the film :(

Final Verdict??:

Why. I didn't really get the purpose... Maybe him raising from the ~ashes and restoring himself to start anew? Idk. Call me dumb. Also, I think whatever he was trying to get across could have been cut in half aka like 10 minutes. It was just... extra. It was his prerogative to do it, I guess. I just don't know what he was trying to prove and why it was broadcast on like, 3 channels. It was pretty to look at, but that was it for me. I really hope other artists don't feel the need to and think just because they have the ~power to do so, will venture into something that they don't need to meddle in. Wow, I sound like a hater lol

Sunday, October 24, 2010

two fail lists, i can't even...

MTV and BET both recently released rap-related lists--the former releasing a "Hottest MCs of 2010" list and the latter releasing a "Top 10 Rappers of the 21st Century" list. Both lists fail:

MTVs Hottest MCs of 2010:
1. Eminem
3. Kanye West
5. Rick Ross (LOL)
6. Nicki Minaj
7. Lil' Wayne (EHH)
9. B.o.B. (FINE.)
10. Ludacris (LOL)

I don't understand MTV's logic behind the inclusion of Waka Flocka. I ~keep up~ with rappers sorta and I don't even know one song by this fool. I don't get why people continue to kiss Jay-Z's butt by wrongly including him in lists, because the dude hasn't done anything in 2010 really. Not enough to warrant him a #2 spot on here anyway. Sure, Rick Ross is a ghetto hero but idk why he's #5 on this list. Are there not enough exciting rappers to include in a list like this? I don't get it. Rap music, step your game up!!

BET Top 10 Rappers of the 21st Century
1. Eminem (......................... REALLY?)
2. Lil' Wayne
3. Kanye West (HE'S MY #1, BUT OK)
4. 50 Cent
5. T.I.
6. Ludacris
8. Young Jeezy (HELL NO)

I can't with this list. Firstly, what did they go by in terms of ranking these artists? Commercial appeal? If so, Nelly needs to be on here. Hip-hop consciousness? If so, Lupe Fiasco needs to be on this ish. Why Drake, who released his first album this year, is on this list (which ranks artists who came out from 1999 and on) is beyond me really. Young Jeezy & Rick Ross haven't done ish. And Jadakiss is too ~underground, in my opinion, to be on here.

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Top 5 Nicki Features! :)

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Okay so I've grown to like Nicki Minaj's verses -_- I hate to admit it, but she is hands down the most exciting new artist out right now. And in comparison to her fello female emcees, Nicki is one of the best lyricists. Her metaphors are relevant, she doesn't always talk about sex/drugs/etc., and she has garnered respect from male and female rappers alike. I saw a top ten list of the best Nicki features on ONTD so I decided to do my own version! I only included five songs because I don't think her other features warrant being on a "best of" list, lol

5. "Hello, Good Morning" (Remix) - Dirty Money feat. Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj

One of Nicki's most exciting verses, in my opinion. Why? The delivery of course! It isn't one of her lyrically smartest verses, but the way she spits in this verse is pure entertainment. She definitely "came up" in the game "a little self centered" with it and soon enough, I think she'll actually turn down shows in places like Dublin.

4. "My Chick Bad" - Ludacris feat. Nicki Minaj

This is the first proper Nicki feature that I memorized. The whole verse just cracks me up with the metaphors and ridiculous statements. She stuck with the ~cray cray~ theme and went hard... my favorite lines?

"But I take a left and leave them hanging like a testi", "It’s nightmare on Elm street and guess who’s playing Freddy", "damn, b!tch you been a fan"

3. BET 2009 Cypher

Maybe this counts, maybe not but this is my #3. This was her official introduction, in my eyes, to the music world and she def made her mark amidst a bunch of dudes. Her verse is a true "metaphor heaven", as she refers to Dracula of Sesame Street, Minnie Mouse, hair pieces, bees, Oscar the Grouch, 7th Heaven & Mike Vick and killing b!tches. Fun stuff.

2. "Up All Night" - Drake feat. Nicki Minaj

This verse is honestly what made me see Nicki as a real artist. With no phony accent, she came hard lyrically and delivery-wise. She has swagger on this record. And I believed every word she said. Plus, Nicki coined some of my favorite lines she has written: "Which b!tch you know made a million off a mixtape?", "F*ck I look like hoe? I look like yes and you look like no." Yeah, she's here to stay for a little while :)

1. "Monster" - Kanye West feat. Jay-Z, Bon Iver & Nicki Minaj

What else??!!?! :D Literally I heard this on the radio cuz I wasn't home when Kanye dropped his Good Friday track (booo) and I was like "Mom... turn up the radio." I couldn't believe this was Nicki Minaj. Yeah I knew she had a knack for a fun delivery, but combining lyrical quality and delivery?? I was impressed. And with every additional listen, I was more and more convinced in Kanye saying that she will be the #2 Rapper Of All Time (okay maybe not, but I was convinced that I better get used to her, especially if she delivered verses like this one). Hilarious, fun to listen to, better than Jay-Z (on this track), shouts out my girl M.I.A. (the bish from Sri Lanka, btw), believable, etc. I obviously had this verse memorized within a week and I was too excited when I did x) Too many memorable lines as well:

"And I’m all up all up all up in the bank with the funny face/ And if I’m fake I aint notice cause my money aint/ So let me get this straight wait I’m the rookie?/ But my features and my shows ten times your pay/ 50k for a verse no album out!/ Yeah my money’s so tall that my barbies gotta climb it"

"She’s on a diet but her pockets eating cheesecake" !!! Her money aka cheese aka cake is stacking up but she's on a diet and not eating cheesecake!

"And I’ll say, 'Bride of Chucky' is 'Child’s Play'" Bride of Chucky is a movie in the "Child's Play" series! And cuz Nicki's a tough monster, 'Bride of Chucky' is child's play aka nothing! :)

"Just killed another career, it’s a mild day" lol get it girl


"All I Do is Win" - DJ Khaled feat. Nicki Minaj and everyone else

I'm including this only because of this line:

"You can talk slick all the way down to the welfare, ask the IRS b!tch I’m paying for your healthcare" ZING!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I. Want.

SIIIIIICK!!!!!!!!!! The shoes and the Fabregas Spain jersey!

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