Friday, July 17, 2009

A good look (literally)!

A show I’m interested in watching! I love “Make Me a Supermodel” & the old “America’s Next Top Model”, but it’s about time show was created for African-American models! Male models have it hard in this industry–it is rare for them to make themselves household names like the Giseles, Kates, Heidis, etc. of the world–and it is even harder for an African-American (or any ethnic model, for that matter) model to make it in the modeling industry. Soon to be launched BET Centric has the answer to the enigma and diligence that is the African-American male model industry. “Model City” follows Red Model Management’s African-American models (their agency is already famous for men like Reid Prebenda, Tyler Riggs, & Julius Beckers) and their rise to the top! Salieu (3rd from left) & Shawn (5th from left) have already found moderate success, so it should be rather interesting to watch the other models bloom (or fail… have to “keep it 100″ lol)!

Now that this will be aired, I want to watch a show about African-American/darker-skinned female models! They have it easier (but still significantly harder than European/Brazilian/Caucasian female models) than their male counterparts–Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn, Sessilee Lopez, & Arlenis Sosa being some of today’s brightest stars–but I’d love to watch a show about them, being that their lives are probably more involved and hectic! :)

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