Friday, July 17, 2009

In RetroSCpect…

I have now completed my first year as an undergraduate student at the University of Southern California. Freshman year of college was interesting to say the very least. It was jammed with did-that-really-happen/laugh-till-you-cry moments, horrible how-am-I-going-to-make-it-past-this-week feelings, why/how-is-everyone-so-rich?! sentiments, I-love-this-school moments of pride, many I-can’t-afford-this-school down moments and of course, how-is-there-soooooooo-much-eye-candy-at-this-school!? epiphanies (we ARE the number 2 hottest college campus in America, after all! :]). Looking back at this whirlwind of a freshman year, I see how happy I am to be a Trojan & if that God says my time is up at the school, I will always, first & foremost, be a USC Trojan at heart. :)

Here is a list of my fondest memories, thoughts, and general idiosyncrasies of USC and my freshman year there.

1. I have never in my life met so many accomplished and wealthy people! I can admit that it is only no joke when people associate USC with “spoiled children“. While it is absolutely not true about everyone, the rep is not grossly wrong. The hilarious thing is that many of the spoiled/insanely rich (at least in my eyes) don’t realize that they are indeed privileged and spoiled… therefore, complaining over small things and making ridiculous requests. It’s disappointing, upsetting and funny at the same time. Basically… WHAT RECESSION?!

2. Speaking of rich people, I got a wireless printer, two full length mirrors, two high speed fans, and tools (among many other random things), just from the TRASH on move-out day. I would have taken the TV someone LEFT TO BE THROWN AWAY, but I decided I would have no where to put it… whatta shame for all these people leaving valuable stuff behind! wow.

3. I have becomes friends with and/or met a girl who wrote a scene for The Office and Boston Legal, a girl whose family lived next door to John McCain and his family, a girl who wrote her college essay on stilettos, a guy who plays for the Phillies, a guy whose dad started Dove Bar ice cream and chocolate, a guy whose dad is the mayor of the city he lives in, and a guy who was pushed into a swimming pool by Kristin Cavallari in a Teddy Geiger music video…. and this was ALL on my floor! So, what have I done with my life!?

4. Before I sadly got used to it, the amount of dudes with flip-flops at USC made me think the school ordered all the guys to wear freakin’ flip flops! I understand they’re comfy, but the world doesn’t wanna look at your feet 24/7.

5. I learned a lot of things this year—how to be successful in Writing 140 (often the demise of cocky English lovers), how to manage 4 finals & 2 research papers in one week, how people of African descent all over the world have been degraded, emotionally and physically mutilated and systematically discriminated for centuries (still going on today!), etc. However, in the slew of academia and all-things-related, here are a few words that are going to stay with me forever and make me laugh when looking back on my college years:
“sketch” –> possibly the MOST overused word I’ve ever heard in my life. Got annoyed of it probably the fifth time I heard it being used.
“FML”–> funny at first, but swiftly became super annoying.
“creeper” –> so overused, it’s sickening! That goes to show just how many creepers there are in the world! Ugh!
“shwasted” –> something I have yet, and will not, become

6. Speaking of learning new things, I wouldn’t have ever known that I’d be such a pro at knowing all-things fraternity and sorority. Granted, in comparison to a normal USC non-Greek student, I don’t really know a lot at all, but for myself I sure do! It’s sad when you can base someone’s character/hotness level on the house they belong to. [I will not mention houses here, or what I think of them, but I do really like the guys of Alpha Gamma Omega! I don’t know any personally, but they all seem like sweethearts :)].

7. Oh dining halls, how much I heard complaints about you! I actually feel like people hated on EVK too much; that place is NOT that bad. Although it lacks in diversity, you know that you can always go there for your favorite sodium-filled Spanish rice & beans, “plain pasta and pizza” and of course, froyo!

8. The song that defined freshman year = PAPER PLANES. From the insanity that was dancing to Paper Planes at The Row to it being the anthem the night Barack Obama won the presidency, Paper Planes will hold a special place in my heart!

9. I don’t know how my life would be if I hadn’t met my SBG (Saved By Grace Gospel Choir) family! My second semester at USC was significantly better than my first for this reason. I liked USC my first semester and enjoyed the people I met during that time, but I didn’t really feel part of any Trojan family. And then I joined SBG. In them I found a family away from family, and although I love my non-SBG friends, I felt a sense of commonality in my friends in SBG. After all, we ate together, sang together, danced together, “studied” together and hung out together! I can’t wait until next year to enjoy more time with SBG!

10. I have witnessed jungle fever like I never have before at USC! Woooo, do the football and basketball players sure have jungle fever! Just saying.

11.“You’re not an alcoholic until you leave college” –> so true and USC’s students have showed truth in that for me!

12. Switching gears from alcoholism to religion… maybe it’s because I’ve been surrounded by mostly Jewish, atheist, and/or agnostic friends most of my life, I was pleasantly surprised to know of a lot of openly Christian people, those who aren’t afraid to show their faith and embrace their religion. I’ve had Christian friends of course, but we’d only talk about our Christianity amongst each other or we’d refrain from talking about it entirely. But I’ve seen and met many faithful people at USC and it’s inspiring and surprising. As a Los Angelino, I’m used to religious diversity and people not talking about religion, so witnessing all of these young Christians at USC is really cool.

13. USC. TAILGATING. = TOO. INTENSE. I’m not sure if I love it, or kind of want to vomit.


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