Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Legend.

The movie I grew up on. This was my childhood!

What was it about Michael Jackson that I loved so much? Why did the whole world mourn, as if their own family member died? Michael Jackson was my childhood. Although I’m only 18, he undeniably made most of childhood what it was. My earliest memories are of Michael Jackson songs & videos. I remember my cousin singing “We Are The World” when I was 5 on top of a table to me & my other cousins, all of us embraced in a hug singing along. I remember seeing Michael Jackson rip his shirt on TV and seeing my boy cousins try to copy him. I remember my classmate dancing to “Beat It” during my kindergarten talent show and falling in love with the song’s instrumentals. I remember being scared by, but loving, the video for “Leave Me Alone”. I remember being addicted to his film “Moonwalker” and being jealous of the kids that got to hang out with Michael Jackson. I remember seeing video footage on TV of Michael Jackson fans screaming, crying, hyperventilating, and fainting thinking “wow”, people around the world really love him. He was treated like a king everywhere he went and was, I think, the most well-known person of the modern era. His music was and is played in what seems like every country on this planet. I can’t imagine another artist who will have an impact on the world like Michael Jackson had. I will always love him & thank him for all the memories and music he left us.

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