Monday, July 20, 2009

Sincere or not? You decide.

I am a former Chris Brown stan & still love him and his music to this day. I hate what he did to Rihanna and I will never understand it. I'm sure he does not understand it either. I will never (and never have) condone violence of any kind, male on female, female on male... whatever. I just have to ignore that and focus on Chris Brown, the artist. The guy was near-perfect in my eyes prior to this incident (and "Take You Down" I guess, lol) and I have to remember that celebrities aren't meant to be role models. Period. Now that he has issued a real, public apology (I'm sure this will blow up!), he can focus on his music... the real reason why he is in the spotlight. His true fans will support his music. Can't wait for a new CB album! :)

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