Friday, July 17, 2009

steer away: trend alert

Trends come & they go. Celebrities have a tendency to claim they never follow trends... instead, they create them. Celebrities also have a tendency to lie. Ergo, following in the celebrity trend of following trends (are you following me so far?), this foresaken hairstyle has become the latest trend to follow. Don't get me wrong, it looks cute on some people! You just need to rock it the right way! I just hate when credit is given to someone who does not deserve it.

No Cassie, you aren't a trendsetter.

Other stars who have shaved the sides of their head...

Amelle of 'Sugababes', Lala Vasquez, Rihanna & Nicole of 'Nina Sky'

The real credit goes to Alice Dellal, a model from London, who has rocked this look for years. Good job for starting the trend girl!

1 comment:

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