Sunday, July 19, 2009

Things to do before I pass.

I created this list some time ago & it’s nice to see some of the things happening. Others won’t be possible anymore, sadly. Just read. It’s an ever-expanding list!

  • go to New York City during Christmastime/New Year’s Eve
  • go to New York City during the spring/summertime
  • tour the CNN headquarters in Atlantahave a European summer in London, Germany, Italy & France
  • go to Tokyo & Hong Kong
  • visit Dubai
  • attend a fashion show in Milan, Paris, London or NYC
  • visit South Africa
  • attend a World/European Cup
  • see Michael Jackson, Michael Buble, Beyonce(accomplished 07-13-09!), & Kanye West live
  • go to the Puerto-Rican Day Parade
  • tell my crush of nearly 4 years that I like him more than just a friend
  • go on a Holy Land journey in Egypt & Jerusalem
  • visit historic sites in Washington D.C. & Philly
  • go to an island!
  • visit Disneyworld

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