Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a BS excuse...

Old article, but still current.
The members of the Egyptian government need to be ashamed of themselves. Not only do they continuously discriminate against the Orthodox Christian minority in the country–ignoring their needs, not persecuting people who kill Orthodox priests and monks, allowing the vandalizing of churches, etc– they come up with stupid excuses for doing so. Sure, the swine flu is scary, but it HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PIGS!!! Why must they kill every pig in the country?! I think it involves more than their lack of knowledge on the health issue. See, Christian workers collect trash where they feed the pigs to be fattened and slaughtered. In the mostly Islamic country, a majority of the population does not eat pork for religious reasons. Did the government really inhumanely kill all the pigs in the country because of the swine flu?? Please. I believe it is yet another shot at the helpless Coptic Orthodox Christian population (now many Christians are out of work!) and a way for Egypt to cater more to the Islamic lifestyle by getting rid of all the pigs. I respect and have a lot of love for peaceful Muslims, but study up & decide for yourself!

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