Friday, July 17, 2009

The World’s Most Beautiful Game.

Why IS soccer, football the world’s most beautiful game? Here, I try to fathom why soccer is so treasured:

1. It has been scientifically proven that soccer is the most competitive sport in the world –>

2. Anyone can play! It’s so easy—all you need is a ball, really. Crazy hand-eye coordination and agility can be helpful also.

3. AMAZING ass tricks that people can do when they’ve acquired so much skill:

4. The length of the game… sounds weird, but a 90 minute game jam-packed with saves, near goals, fighting for a ball, and the excitement of the crowd makes soccer a thriller, edge-of-your-seat kind of sport because once a goal is made….. WOW! :) The amazing goals made make the long time worthwhile!

5. The unity in the sport. Soccer is played in literally every corner of the Earth, regardless of socioeconomic standing or race. Nearly everyone can bond over the sport and can pick up a game without being lost in translation.

6. THE CRAZY FANS! People go bat ish crazy for their favorite team, and when the Euro or World Cup comes around, it’s over! (random tidbit: the World Cup actually gets double the viewership of the Summer Olympics!) The energy at a soccer game is exhilarating, overwhelming and awesome. Imagine a stadium full of belligerent fanatics wailing around and screaming for their country! LOVE IT.

7. The players… You know I had to do it. :) International men holding their city/COUNTRY on their back, playing a game they are absolutely passionate about?! Amazing! You can find guys like this in every sport, but soccer is different. And I’m not being biased. Players spend hundreds of hours perfecting their craft and to be able to run around for 90 minutes playing a mental and physical sport is impressive and really shows just how passionate the players are!

Cesc Fabregas

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