Monday, August 10, 2009

Mark Ronson, shoe designer?

Already an esteemed music producer & musician, hot stuff Mark Ronson is trying his hand in fashion, shoes to be exact. Gucci has tapped Ronson to be the head of his own sneaker line under the overpriced, blitzy line. Although I don't really condone or understand musical artists crossing over and doing work that they are not made for (stick to what talents you actually have!), I have lots of faith in this project & its success. Firstly, they're sneakers!! I'm excited to see what Mark will do. Secondly, he is ridiculously talented. Thirdly, his sister Charlotte Ronson is the creator of her own fashion line, so he naturally has style in his blood.

Looking for the perfect pair of trainers with limited edition
status? Gucci has the answer.
Creative Director Frida Giannini has created a pop-up trainer store that will travel to some of the world's coolest locations starting in SoHo New York in October. Other stops are to include London, Paris, Berlin and Tokyo - with the store remaining in each place for just a few weeks. The shop will stock 18 trainer designs in all, 16 for men and two for women. And for extra exclusivity, Gucci has collaborated with music producer, DJ and trainer addict Mark Ronson to design one unisex trainer for each city.
'I spent many, many years as an avid sneaker collector, so I wanted to make sure these Gucci shoes were truly special from an aesthetic and collectable point of view', Ronson
told WWD today. Frida Giannini has incorporated Gucci's iconic GG logo and
famous red and green stripe in the new trainer designs - a theme which has
also influenced the design of the pop-up store on New York's Crosby street.


Naturally, Los Angeles isn't included in this "world's coolest locations" list. :(

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