Monday, August 24, 2009

This is unnecessary!

Can this be recreated?

Why is there going to be an American version of the British hit Skins? On MTV, nonetheless! The spark and X-factor, so to speak, of Skins as ridiculous it sounds is that it is BRITISH & contains BRITISH HUMOR! It is quintessentially British. Obviously an American version means it will be tailored for an American audience, being the British slang and cussing will be cut. And as for the nudity, explictness and crazy cursing? On cable TV? Obviously eliminated. I mean, all of that... on MTV? The FCC of course would not let that happen. And it shouldn't. Even I think it's too much and unrealistic. But regardless, I love Skins. Amidst all the craziness and controversy that is the British version, what really stands out is the heart and deepness of the show. While I think it is not realistic, the storylines on the show are moving, the opposite of shallow and honest. I hope that translates on the American version... I mean after all, the writer is the same writer on the British version of Skins. I just also hope that with the censoring and Americanness of it, they don't make it into another Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill or God forbid, 90210! I just think it will be another Degrassi, with Skins-esque qualities. We'll just have to find out & cross our fingers when the American version of Skins airs on MTV in the near future!

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