Friday, September 11, 2009

Captivating... like a spell! ;)

Please download Alphabeat's music. It's too good to pass! Since recognizing their talent last year, I fell in love with Stine (the girl) & Anders' (the guy to her right) happy and talented voices! Their infectious, loud beats tinged with 80's pop flair makes it hard for you NOT to dance, or at least wiggle your body and nod your head! Alphbeat, who hail from Denmark, recently debuted their first single from their second album called The Spell (also the name of the single), which drops in October. And it's fabulous! You can't help but sing along and dance! This time around I hear they've been inspired by 90's dance records and I can def hear it. Literally the only thing that's keeping it from being perfection is that Anders barely sings in it! Why they chose to do that, I don't know. But whatevs, it sounds amazing anyway! :) Hear it below:

Fave songs: Digital Love Cover feat. Frankmusik, Fascination, Go Go, 10,000 Nights of Thunder, Boyfriend, Nothing but my Baby

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