Sunday, September 6, 2009

hollywood blvd.

Some musings on the strange, exciting street... which I happened to explore alone for 4 hours last night.
  • people sell themselves short all too often.

  • don't respond to any street vendor, especially when you are alone... and young-looking.

  • "Need Money for Weed" signs are hilariously blunt and disgusting at the same time.

  • lol @ all of the Michael Jackson impersonators

  • interesting to see a restaurant in business since 1919 adjacent to a modern, hip fixture.

  • why is Lucille Ball's star so far from the center of Hollywood Blvd (Hollywood and Highland, naturally) and Jay Leno's and the Rugrats' star is closer to all the action? I'm confused as a huge I Love Lucy fan.

  • why is Hollywood High School so near Hollywood & Highland? Not a good look.

  • so. many. flashbacks. of. the. tokio. hotel. concert. at. hot. topic. last. year. ahhhhhhh.


  1. i was just there on friday!! why do we always miss eachother lol but yeah hollywood highschool is so close to hollywood & highland!! my dad went there for a year then went to birmingham... i think thats how it went haha :)

  2. really?!? Geez, what is going on? lol at us being at the same places all the time, kind of! Hollywood High to Birmingham! that's a change, lol


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