Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How about them VMAs!

What an interesting VMAs we had this year! Damn. From the brilliance that was the Janet Jackson tribute to her brother, Michael (dancing along to "Scream"?! AMAZING!), to Lil' Mama jumping on stage with Jay-Z & Alicia Keys (wtf.), to Lady Gaga's horrendous outfits, to the talk of the next 24 hours, Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift. Here are my thoughts on a few of the night's memorable moments:
1. This makes want to hurt someone. I dislike Joe Jackson even more. & who's that woman he came with?!

2. I've seen Kanye do some RIDICULOUS things (who can forget his outburst over not winning at the European VMAs?! omg), but I want to say this is the craziest. It was the epitome of rude, uncalled for and classless. Taking a microphone from this teenager, who just won her 1st VMA, to say Beyonce had the best video and deserved to win?? Who is Kanye West? The ultimate judge of all things perfection? I will unabashedly say I am a huge fan of Kanye West, but it's rapidly becoming a fan of his music and not of him as a person. I can't deal with egotisical, rude people like this for long. But to be fair, he was drinking (he should not have) and he did genuinely apologize on Jay Leno last night. It almost made me emotional and I know he wouldn't fake emotion like that. Overall, this incident wasn't a huge enough deal for the music world (or political world--President Obama called him a jackass! I'm having mixed feelings about that one) to hate him, à la Chris Brown, and when a human being apologizes, the best thing to do is accept it and move on. I hope he stays true to his word and takes a break from everything (including Amber Rose) to find himself and possibly help others. Good luck Kanye; I'm on your side!

3. Now on to funny moments... Lil' Mama jumping on stage with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys?! WTF was she doing. All jokes aside, why Lil' Mama? Who are you in comparison to Jay-Z & Alicia Keys?! She said she was "really feeling the song", with her being from NYC, but it's not like I would jump onstage (interrupting a performance that was rehearsed for) if say, Tupac & Dr. Dre performed "California Love" (let's say for a second 2pac was alive, lol)! She straight up embarrassed herself, like seriously made a fool & joke out of herself. Who does that? It was an amazing lol-moment for the rest of us though!

4. A truly hilarious moment was when Eminem gave Lady Gaga her award- please look at his face! hahahahaWhile Lady Gaga looks like a trainwreck as usual, I did found her incessant costume changes interesting because they held a central theme--Alice in Wonderland! Google it & you'll see. :)

5. Beyonce! Besides her performance, she did something else amazing- invite Taylor Swift onstage to finish her speech! Now that's what I like to see from artists!

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