Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Now You're Gone: R.I.P. Sugababes.

Keisha Buchanan (left) of Sugababes, 1998 - 2009

What a sad day in British pop music! KEISHA HAS BEEN FORCED OUT OF SUGABABES!! Why?! She was the last founding member of Sugababes & was the face and voice for the girlgroup. She sang most of the songs and wrote a lot of the lyrics. Without Keisha, there is no Sugababes! They might as well change their name! Does Jade Ewen (she is replacing Keisha) fit the Sugababes?? So many unanswered questions! Good luck with your solo career girl! I wish you better commercial success than your former bandmate, Mutya Buena. Although her album was flawless, it didn't perform well commercially. What does this news mean for Girls Aloud & The Saturdays?! This is all too crazy.

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