Friday, October 23, 2009

Listen up!

There were an ishload of new songs that dropped this past week! Exciting, huh?! A whole bunch of them I liked or plainly found interest in them. Here are my thoughts on the songs that came out or left the internet world abuzz!

Russian Roulette
Ahhh, Rihanna finally drops new music! The wait is ova! But, wait what... this isn't another "Umbrella"! The song was immediately rid off as a fail, that Rihanna made a wrong move. But I'm not sure if it's all that bad. To me, Rihanna WOULD make this dark song her first single. She's no longer the sunny Barbadian girl, after all. smh. Anyway, Russian Roulette is an interesting song. I do hate the brooding subject matter and think that a writer can convey the same message in a heartwarming manner, like Happy by Leona Lewis. But, the song's haunting nature makes it unique, ominous but good. So, I like Russian Roulette? Yes. I guess I'm a sucker for emotional songs.

Bad Romance

What an anthem! Oh Lady Gaga, if only you didn't try so hard at being different! I'd appreciate you more! But regarding the song, I think it's another Lady Gaga banger. Not as danceable or epic as some of her other songs, but still really good. I really like the vocal silliness/untamed-ness in the song and the Use Somebody-esque chants. I just wish the lyrics made sense: "I want your leather studded kiss in the sand", "I want your lovin' and I want your revenge"... it's just not realistic to me!

Say Something

This song (Timbaland feat. Drake) isn't a single, but was leaked this week from Timbaland's next highly-anticipated Shock Value II. IT IS FIRE!!! I was head banging from the moment I heard it. I just get hyped from hearing the instrumentals alone. Drake kills it in this song! It just WORKS. It reminds me of something from Kanye's Graduation album. Love it.

Do You Remember

Go Jay Sean!! WHAT a feel good record. I think it's an amazing follow-up to the behemoth that is Down. His voice just flows so beautifully, and he doesn't even have that impressive of a voice. The song just sounds good. Sean Paul's verse fits perfectly with this light-hearted song. It's so catchy... I weirdly feel like a proud mother with Jay Sean. I liked some of songs before he entered the American music scene & was just a Punjabi British R&B singer, singing songs like Stay ! Now he's had so much success here... awww.


Yay Chris! The latest song by Chris Brown makes me happy. Many people think it's a response to Rihanna, but I say BS. It's a good effort from Chris Brown, and he's pushing his vocal boundaries in the song which is wonderful buuuut it's no With You. I absolutely love the lyrics of this song, and like it better lyrically than all of the songs in this post. Not sure of its radio potential (Russian Roulette is the other song I'm sure won't get a lot of radio play for its dark nature) because it's a mid-tempo ballad, but I hope it becomes successful because it's Chris Brown's most mature song to date. Just wish it was a little more R&B-esque :)

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