Monday, October 5, 2009

North Africa no better governed than south, says study


So, Southern Africa is better governed than Northern Africa?! Who would've thought, for real! On the 2009 Ibrahim Index of African governance, the only North African country to make the top 10 is Tunisia at #8. Here are some facts about the rankings:

- Mauritius tops the 2009 Ibrahim Index with a total score of 82.8, ranking first in all four main categories. Cape Verde is ranked second with a total score of 78.0.

- Seychelles is ranked third with a total score of 77.1, followed by Botswana with a total score of 73.6. South Africa is ranked fifth with a total score of 69.4.

- Somalia is the worst governed country on the continent, with a total score of 15.2. In 52nd place, Chad has a total score of 29.9, while Zimbabwe is third from bottom in 51st place with a total score of 31.3.

- Southern Africa is the continent’s best performing region, with an average score of 58.1, followed closely by North Africa with an average score of 57.7. West Africa is ranked third with an average score of 51.7, followed by East Africa with a score of 46.9. Central Africa is the worst performing region, with an average score of 40.2.

- Central Africa is the worst performing region across all four categories. All seven Central African countries are ranked outside the top 20 in the 2009 Ibrahim Index, with all of them except Gabon performing below the average for the continent.

Ethiopia's rankings were very disappointing...
In 2007/08 Ethiopia scored 45.6 out of 100, and was ranked 37th out of 53 African countries.
Within the East African region, Ethiopia was ranked eighth.
Ethiopia scored just below the East African regional average which was 46.9.
Ethiopia also scored below the overall continental average which was 51.2.
Ethiopia was ranked 42nd in Political Participation and Human Rights
Ethiopia was ranked 35th in human development, 37th in Safety and Rule of Law and 15th in Sustainable Economic Development. Its overall rank is 37th out of 53 countries.

It saddens me to know Ethiopia's government was once revered. Emperor Haile Selassie was the FIRST African ruler to visit America! His visit during JFK's presidency was legendary stuff:

Your eyes aren't failing you--that's John F. Kennedy in the back seat!

PAY ATTENTION MELES ZENAWI! This ish is all too sad. Ethiopia. needs. democracy.

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