Sunday, November 15, 2009

artist spotlight: Melanie Fiona.

Who: a Canadian-raised, pure Guyanese 26-year-old chick
What: Soul influenced pop/R&B with hints of doo-wop & tropical flair, full with sounds of tambourines and horns
When: She's been on her grind for a while (opening for Kanye's European leg of his Glow in the Dark tour and first releasing her debut album The Bridge in June in Canada), & Melanie Fiona just released her first album in the United States on November 10th.

After hearing Give it to Me Right back in Feburary, I craved to hear more of Melanie Fiona. I discovered that basically all of Europe and Canada had her album already by July, so I got it in August... there are very few artists I kind of regret not supporting by actually buying their album, and Melanie is becoming one of them. This girl is horrendously underrated. Sure, she's cool with industry people, but the mainstream needs to catch up to her! Her voice is flawless and is so soulful. This girl can SING. Her unique mix of R&B, pop, and soul is amazing. On top of that, she's beautiful, inside and out--her hair is gorgeous and she is perfectly humble and bubbly! Please get on Melanie Fiona. Here are a few of my favorite songs off of her debut album, The Bridge:

Give it to Me Right, of course

Ay Yo, live!

Please Don't Go (Cry Baby)

a bit of a live performance of Monday Morning

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