Sunday, November 15, 2009

is imitation the most sincere form of flattery?

Matthew Williamson, Spring/Summer 2008

Nadine by LA-based band Fool's Gold

from LA Weekly:
The two members of Los Angeles musical collective Fool’s Gold carefully inspect the Merkato’s choice collection of African hits. A young black child leans on the display, and stares at them, mouth slightly ajar. “Are you guys,” he starts, stops, squints his eyes suspiciously and continues, “famous?” “Not quite yet,” Pesacov says, smiling, hands still full of tapes. “We’re in a band, and we’re just trying to sound like this guy,” Top adds, holding up a tape with an African man, whose white robe fades into a cloud scape. “We’re not there yet,” Pesacov tells the boy, “but we’re getting there.” As a matter of fact, Fool’s Gold’s self-titled polyglot pop album does sound like Mahmoud Ahmed (“Nadine”), the beloved Ethiopian soul singer on the cover of that tape.
Here's an example of Ahmed's sound:

here's a cool one...
M.I.A.'s Jimmy by way of Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja sung by Parvati Khan in the 1982 Bollywood movie, Disco Dancer by way of T'es OK! by Ottawan, a French disco-pop duo!

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