Saturday, November 28, 2009

The only thing Miley and I have in common... besides Christianity, living in LA & our love for "Party in the USA".

"I want to be like Beyonce. She is the ultimate woman. You look at her and you don't think, I wonder what her personal life is like. You look at her and you go, That girl on the stage is a superstar. You don't care about anything else; you only care about her music. So I would hope that would be me in the future." - Miley Cyrus on Beyonce, to Seventeen magazine.

Beyonce is my musical idol and I also think of her as the ultimate woman. She sings her butt off, dances her butt off, is super nice and has a seemingly amazing private life (celebs, take note). My tip to Miley for wanting to be like Beyonce in the future is to change yourself NOW. Beyonce was your age now when her first single with Destiny's Child came out and she most definitely was not the slut you are now. Clean up your act, stop taking 'seductive' pictures and touching yourself, and keep your personal life private. Then with that, pray and hope you can still be like Beyonce in the future.

What amazes me most about Beyonce is that she can do this:

Then go ahead do this!

That's a true artist! Love it!

Speaking of Beyonce, I saw this on Beyonceitis, a hilarious fictional website on everything Beyonce, and CRACKED UP!!

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