Monday, November 30, 2009

R.I.P. Manalemosh Dibo!

Me & Manalemosh in '06 when she was healthy & happy

Rest in Peace to my favorite female Ethiopian singer, Manalemosh Dibo. She passed away last week in South Africa while there to receive treatment for her intestinal cancer. I was lucky enough to meet her randomly at The Grove in Los Angeles when she was here on vacation. It was actually on my 16th birthday! She will be greatly missed for her wonderful voice, traditional music, and joyful demeanor. I love you Manalemosh! I'll still be watching your DVD and listening to your amazing album!

Since I love ALL of her songs & couldn't just pick one to be my favorite, I'll put her most popular song up (it will also serve to showcase some of Ethiopia's lovely culture and traditions):

Awdamet by Manalemosh Dibo

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