Monday, November 9, 2009

Skank Robbers is coming to life!

YAAAAY! I knew this comedic pairing at this year's BET Awards would last far longer than the hilarious Skank Robbers 'trailer'!

Screen Gems has acquired "Sheneneh and Wanda," a vehicle for Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence to star in a comic caper playing female characters they developed during their stand-up comedy days.

Foxx will write the script, which he and Martin will produce through Foxx's Foxxhole and Lawrence's Runteldat production banners.

The project originated as a parody of a movie trailer for a film called "Skank Robbers," which Foxx and Lawrence made for the BET Awards. The reaction was strong enough that the duo decided to turn the concept into a real film.

In the comedy, Sheneneh and Wanda are modern-day independent women trying to make it on their own, one bank robbery at a time.

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