Monday, November 9, 2009

Stadium to Sea!

Why wasn't this already in place? What a cute idea! If only I knew how to run... 'cuz God knows I can't walk 26.2 miles.

When Dodgers owner Frank McCourt bought the Los Angeles Marathon last year, he gave management a new goal: Create a route that shows off the best of Los Angeles. That new "Stadium to Sea" route will be unveiled today, and it will start -- where else? -- at Dodger Stadium.

The 25th edition of the race, on March 21, will wind through downtown, pass through West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica and end at the beach.

Along the 26.2 miles, runners will pass landmarks including City Hall, the Capitol Records Building, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Sunset Strip, Rodeo Drive and the Santa Monica Pier.

The new route is more scenic than in the past, when it often looped through the city and ended downtown. More recently the marathon began at Universal Studios and ended at the Central Library at 5th and Flower streets.

The route is also expected to be a faster course because it heads downhill, losing 400 feet in elevation from start to finish. It will also begin in warmer L.A. Basin temperatures and end at the cooler beach.,0,4274820.story?track=rss

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