Monday, November 30, 2009

while most of the country listened to Susan Boyle...

...I caught up on three other female singers who released albums last Monday! Here are my likes & dislikes of Lady Gaga's Fame Monster, Rihanna's Rated R, and Beyonce's I Am...Sasha Fierce Deluxe Edition.

- Overall production is great. Thankfully, it isn't as repetitive as far as sound as The Fame is. Basically less synth-electronica-annoyingness overload and more eclectic, louder, still-synthy, handclappy!
- She let her vocal guard down on this album! She sounds better and really sings! Love it.
- Some of the lyrics are thought-provoking, which is nice.

- There aren't many radio-friendly tracks on this album. There are only 8 songs, so that doesn't offer much selection.
- The lyrics (though thoughtful) are also weird and aren't that directly personal. Not all of us are as abstract as you are! As Edna Gunderson of USA Today perfectly stated: "Gaga's icy aloofness and seeming aversion to a genuine human connection leave a disturbing void. With an avantgarde intellect, pop-electro eccentricities and freaky theatrics competing for attention, there's no room for heart."

Favorite tracks: Bad Romance, Teeth, Telephone, Alejandro, Speechless (reminds me of Ashlee Simpson's Catch Me When I Fall)

- The lyrics are very well-written for the most part.
- Less annoying Shut Up & Drive-esque pop songs, more gritty, hip-hop and light rock-influenced sounds.
- She does her best with singing. Her voice sounds more natural here.

- Tries waaay too hard to be, hard for ex., G4L (Gangsta 4 Life? No.). I really don't think the lyrical content reflects her life. It sounds like she attempted to force an image with the way this album sounds.
- Unnecessary cussing (says b***h, drops the 'f-bomb' like it's nothing, says s**t, and even says n**ger! Silly Rihanna).
- So different from what she normally does. Reinvention isn't always a great thing.

Favorite tracks: Russian Roulette, Hard, Wait Your Turn, Rude Boy, Photographs, Te Amo, Fire Bomb (I can hear Beyonce sing this), elements of G4L

- Great writing on this album
- Diverse production; DEFINITELY a little something for (most) everyone
- Excellent vocals; gives her all as usual and has no reason to hold back

- Waaaay more lowkey (in terms of production) than B'Day (but still nothing can be as lowkey as Dangerously in Love). Ballads like Satellites and Disappear are unnecessary, as their lyrical themes are found throughout the album already.
- I miss the upbeat vintage soul found in her other albums--the horns, trumpets, all that jazz (literally)
- The album may be a little too diverse in terms of style (from Ave Maria to Diva), but yeah it is Beyonce vs. Sasha Fierce.

Favorite tracks: Single Ladies, If I Were a Boy, Diva, Ego, Halo, Why Don't You Love Me, Save the Hero, Smash Into You, Sweet Dreams, Hello, Broken-Hearted Girl, Video Phone (Remix), elements of Ave Maria

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