Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A year ago today! Wow.

part of my initial reaction

I seriously can't believe a year ago today the nation's first partially African President was elected! It was such a breathtaking day for me, as it was the first time I voted and I was a freshman at an overwhelmingly liberal school. I felt such power by being able to vote. It was the most memorable way I got to exercise my civil liberities as an American, something I am lucky to have. The day is very vivid to me--I voted very early in the morning and went to my classes. My friends and I-separated by Democratic & Republican rooms (as to not start a fight or something, lol)-had our eyes glued to the television sets. Obama had won one of those "important" states (was it Ohio?), making McCain's chances of winning pretty slim. I ran to the Republican room to see their reaction when all of a sudden, I hear a roar of screaming, laughter and just happiness from many rooms throughout the hall--California's votes were in and Obama had won! I was elated-although I'm a moderate-because America had gone so far as to elect a man whose father is a Kenyan immigrant! We ran outside to celebrate the victory. Students were already there banging pots and pans, chanting "si se puede!" & "yes we can!" Some were crying, others-including myself-were jumping up and down, giddy in disbelief. Then someone played "We Are the Champions" on some loud speakers and we sang along in an embrace. It was so overwhelming. Definitely one of the most defining moments of my freshman year. lol, then later on I followed some Republicans who were yelling "Recount! Recount!" near the front of the library... hilarious! Here are some images from that lovely day:

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