Friday, December 11, 2009

da ba dee, da ba dye

...I had to title this blog post that! lol

Why haven't I heard of this man until now??! In case you haven't heard of Paul Karason or argyria, here's a rundown:

A little over year and a half ago, Paul Karason went public with his shocking story about how taking the drug, Colloidal Silver, turned his skin blue.

14 years ago, Karason was diagnosed with dermatitis and he started using Colloidal Silver, which is not FDA approved, to treat his condition.

According to doctors, the drug turned Karason’s skin grayish-blue, which is a condition called Argyria.

Argyria is an irreversible blue-grey discoloration of the skin, nails and gums secondary to colloidal silver consumption.

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