Saturday, December 12, 2009

just uncovered!

hahaha, I just found my Celebrity Tales poems I wrote for a 12th grade (written early 2008) project! Enjoy!

High School Musical

There is an ensemble of no-names
Who skyrocketed into overwhelming fame.
The simple plotline involved a basketball star
And a humble girl whose smarts took her far.
Brought together by a high school musical
The two created something unstoppable.
There are many scenes children mimic,
Along with songs to which they know every lyric.
Inappropriate adult fanatics have been found,
They join their singing kids in the background.
The cast bopped their way to the top
And even dodged a sophomore flop.
With the best selling album of 2006,
This ensemble has its place in the Hollywood mix.
Like most ‘tween’ sensations,
It has spawned its share of spin-off creations.
Lip gloss, a video game and shampoo,
An Ice Tour, Emmy and Billboard Award too!
Some of its stars have ventured to go solo;
In comparison to the original, they are only so-so.
The world is currently awaiting the third;
By the looks of it, their celebrity has not yet withered.

Tyra Banks

There was a towering model figure,
Who was a professional at posing for a picture.
At seventeen she moved to Paris,
Disregarding her life in Los Angeles.
She rapidly made it to the catwalk,
Making her prominent in her epoch.
Her presence on the runway was timeless;
She stayed at the top without a trace of hubris.
The first of her race to be an Angel,
Chosen for her exotic looks, which were far from banal.
Once gracing covers grew old,
She shifted gears and made a move quite bold.
Taking her chance as a personality,
Not on the runway, but on TV.
She debuted her show, and America was stuck;
The fascinating idea left us awe-struck.
Thirteen girls aspiring to be like her,
They learned the tricks of the trade from the master.
Through nine cycles, she has taught how to smile with our eyes
And how to be fierce when the time may arise.
She had never yelled at a girl like she did with Tiffany,
And over the years has gotten increasingly chubby.
While she may sometimes be rude and catty,
She can never reach the level of Naomi.
That is why we can never get tired,
Of this model figure who is well admired.

Kanye West

There was a misunderstood genius,
His music, when compared to peers, is heterogeneous.
Seen in the public eye as conceited,
But for his craft, he is well-treated.
Before a College Dropout, he was an art major,
With his life, he took a wager.
It worked for the best in the end,
Innovative productions, he went against the trend.
With the first album, he exploded into the music scene,
Won two Grammys and was number one in Rolling Stone magazine.
Inspired by his nearly fatal crash and Jesus Christ,
With his eccentric swagger, he enticed.
His second one educated on gold diggers and Sierra Leone,
Had its share of samples, but was still success-prone.
He was number one once again and won a Grammy,
Even with his victory, he did not seem too happy.
He would “really have a problem” if he didn’t get “Album of the Year”,
When it went to U2, his vanity became clear.
We learned we can’t tell him nothing,
Living the good life, he can’t take ego-jabbing.
Since then, his bold statements have caused news,
Everything from homophobia to his political views.
His biggest yet involved the Hurricane of 2005,
George Bush doesn’t care about black people, he said live.
For not opening the VMA’s or winning any awards, he said it was his skin,
Vowed to never work for MTV; that they exploited the sister of Jamie-Lynn.
A big battle between him and another rap star,
September 11th was the foundation of the spar.
In the end, the misunderstood genius was the Champion,
Won over the world with his lyrics, style, and passion.
Was at the top, but brought down by an unexpected death,
His mother, his manager and best friend, experienced her last breath.
He broke down at a concert, but can’t mourn any longer,
Knowing his vigor, he will come out harder, better, faster and stronger.

‘Gone Too Soon’ Celebrities

There were the fallen ones,
Some killed through sickness, others by guns.
Gone too soon, they blessed us with their talent,
Took on roles and sang songs that were gallant.
One passed just lately,
By his fans he will be missed greatly.
Found dead in his apartment,
Sleeping pills were found in his compartment.
His acting was intense and took on a role that many oppose,
But at twenty-eight, he left the world and his child Matilda Rose.
Not yet a year ago, another star left this earth,
Just five months after giving birth.
Her death came randomly and unforeseen,
Speculations that it was caused by the pills making her lean.
Many say she died emotionally when her son passed away,
And on February 8th, 2007, her body got tired of all the dismay.
In 2003, an actor that was much loved and zany,
Starred in a show where three was a company.
He made us laugh and hoot with his acting,
His sudden death was sad and impacting.
An undetected heart problem took him,
The absence of his youthful spirit is what made us grim.
Another icon passed in 1999,
He was part of the Kennedy family line.
Traveling with his wife and sister-in-law,
A plane crash caused them to withdraw.
Many blamed it part of a family curse,
As “America’s Prince” his life was terse.
Another star who was taken by a plane crash,
A gifted singer who became famous in a flash.
She rocked the boat and sang ‘I Miss You’,
And abruptly died at the age of twenty-two.
The music world still mourns her nowadays,
Just like the deaths of two rappers who receive much praise.
The two, who were linked to the West and East Coast feud,
Were respected for the clever lyrics they stewed.
Constantly in the limelight for their beef,
Both of their lives ended in hysteric grief.
The two were gunned down and killed,
Their unsolved murders have been enigma-filled.
Another star also suffered death by a gun,
Her passing was imagined by none.
This “Mexican Madonna” took the music world by storm,
Many fell in love with her vibrant spirit when she would perform.
Her celebrity made it impossible for one to snub,
At twenty-three, she was killed by the president of her fan club.
These celebrities have come and gone,
But they are now legends whose spirits will live on.

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