Friday, December 11, 2009

Things I see God in:

...the title is pretty self-explanatory, but below are a list of things I feel God's presence in. Faith is largely based on what the eyes can't see, and I believe the below are visual proof for God's love and omnipresence in this universe!

- Nature, outer space, our Earth and all things related to it = AMAZING. It is amazing to see a beautiful flower sprout from the soil and a bee, a small insect which creates food for humans to consume, taking pollen from this same flower. This is perfect harmony, how the world works. And for how long this process has been consistent—as long as our Earth was created! Speaking on a grander scale, I know God exists just by looking at a picture of outer space. How Earth, which seems so grandiose and never still, is so small compared to other planets that exist in our galaxy. The beauty in the stars, planets, galaxies, etc. is proof to me that a powerful Creator had to make all this.

- Childbirth is the most miraculous and beautiful gift humankind could ever have received. To think a human being grows inside a woman… conceived by one man and one woman. A brand new human being! Isn’t that something? This precious gift, the ability for humans to have another human, cannot be anything but a gift from God. The miracle of childbirth is the most obvious and prime visual aid for understand God’s presence in this world.

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