Wednesday, December 16, 2009

artist spotlight: Girl Talk.

Who: Gregg Michael Gillis, a biomedical engineer from a suburb in Pittsburg
What: "a lawsuit waiting to happen" according to the New York Times Magazine, but for everyone else, a perfect mashup of everything... making familiar sounds and samples sound oh so new. No genre is ignored-from hip hop to ambience to rock to country.
When: He released his first album called Secret Diary in 2002 and has barely come up out of the "underground" recently.

Once just an underground performer known to indies & cool kids, Girl Talk is now a household name for music lovers everywhere. I was introduced to his music over a year ago and immediately fell in love with his eclectic mix of music. How he splices and mixes separate music is RIDIC. It becomes a game when you listen to his songs to try to distinct songs from one another. Most of his samples are not his, but how he copys and pastes what's not his is genius. I hope this mashup artist garners more attention, because what he does is truly illegal art. Here are my favorite songs:

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