Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who I'd Marry for their Voice!

I love people with beautiful voices. It doesn't matter how they look, all that matters is if they can sing and blow me away with their voice. There are many artists whose voices impress me and calm me, make me happy or just plain put a smile on my face. Here are artists who I would marry just for their singing voice and nothing else! I saw this on another blog and thought it would be fun to do :)

Michael Buble - ultimate jazzy & soul tinged big band voice. I. love. him.

JC Chasez - not as popular as Justin, but O M G does this guy's voice make me happy. He can sing. So underrated.

Usher - there's nothing this man's voice can't do.

Justin Timberlake - his voice makes my heart smile.

the main singers of Boyz II Men - pure. passionate. R&B. They give me goosebumps!

Jagged Edge - I think I only like Brandon & Brian Casey's voices (the twins)... ultimate BOMB hood R&B voices.

NOT a singer but...

I'd marry Sean Paul just for his speaking voice! I can hear him talk all day! lol


  1. if youre going to be marrying one of these guys i think it helps that some of them are pretty hott lol


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