Friday, January 22, 2010

Africa, a home for Haitians.

This is a nice, unrealistic gesture from Senegalese President, Abdoulaye Wade:

A new African state should be created for Haitians who have lost their homes, the President of Senegal said yesterday.

Abdoulaye Wade, 83, said they are entitled to an African homeland because they are the descendants of slaves.

"They have as much right to Africa as I have," he said.

He will put his plan to the African Union. He also said African states should naturalise any Haitians who want a new nationality.
It's true they have every right to Africa. After all, generations ago, the poor Haitians were West Africans who were stripped from their lands and shipped to the foreign terrain today named Haiti. These West Africans were of course abused, worked to the bone, humiliated, and many times killed by their European masters... masters who believed they were better than these West Africans because their skin color was more pure looking, more 'clean'... when in actuality, HUMANKIND was created on the other coast of Africa in Ethiopia, in the same continent as these same West Africans who were degraded and defiled because the Europeans were just too damn lazy to do work for themselves. And oh the irony! That West African women would be raped by Caucasian men, when they were loathed for their skin color. And generations later, when the French decided that they were through with their dictatorship in Haiti, they left the Haitians to fend for themselves with a wonky government... and soon, ill-fated administrations, corruption, etc. on top of natural disasters to make the country the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. Next time you think the Haitians will forever be a helpless people who seem to have no sense of direction, think of the reasons WHY they got there in the FIRST PLACE.

...and reflect.

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