Sunday, January 31, 2010

what about them Grammys?!

okay, so the Grammys. Everyone knows that it is my favorite music night! This year had many great performances, but I just wish there were more award announcements! :/ Oh well, here are my favorite performances!

1. How epic was the announcer in the beginning of this performance? Pretty annoying and over the top, but cool nevertheless. Lady Gaga can sing! Love it.

2. Beyonce outdid herself with this unbelievable performance. The QUEEN of entertainment right here!!

3. Zac Brown Band just got a fan in me. Now I see why they won Best New Artist (still think Keri Hilson should have won though)! They can SIIIING!!! So soulful!

4. BEP!! They make me so happy! I prefer their older work, but 'Imma Be' is my song!

5. Lady Antebellum! I love love love LOVE this song!! Sooo good. They did amazing.

6. The Michael Jackson tribute and his children accepting his award was so moving. It brought me to tears. They chose the most perfect singers to sing 'Earth Song'. Ahhh.

Moment that made me MAD.:

Taylor Swift winning 'Album of the Year'!! I, like much of the world, don't get it. Am I missing something?! I know I'm not tone-deaf. The girl can't sing well enough to garner all of these nominations and awards. I. don't. get. it. Are her lyrics and voice THAT critically-acclaimed to win 'Album of the Year'?!? The Grammy committee knows they were dead ass wrong for that. SMH.

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