Sunday, February 14, 2010

artist spotlight: The D.E.Y.

Who: a 2 guy, 1 girl trio (Divine, Élan, and Yeyo), all proud Boriquas with a little Cuban & New York swag thrown in.
What: a combination of urban R&B, Latin, hip-hop, and pop, with strong Afro-Latino roots and some lyrics actually rapped/sung in Spanish.
When: they released their EP in 07 & their full length album, The DEY Has Come, in 08

Highly underrated group The DEY has been on my radar when they visited my high school in my 07-08 school year as a senior. I was amazed by Elan's voice, her range and her great power. After I got their EP, I was hooked. Their Latino flavor mixed in with hip-hop & r&b is infectious. But not Black Eyed Peas infectious. The DEY is deeper than just party hits. Their songs have fun lyrics, but most of them like Bendecida Mi Nacion & She Said have real substance. Those songs represent their Afro-Latino roots and uplift their mothers... what more can you want? Combining Spanish and English, The DEY unite two diverse but interconnected worlds through music. You may not understand what they're saying at times, but that doesn't matter. Music is about passion. And passion, you can feel. Below are seriously some of the few songs I love by them:

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