Sunday, February 14, 2010

you GO Kelly!!

Kelly Osbourne has fought a long and very public battle with her figure for many years and has spoken about her drastic dieting and yo-yoing weight.

And she cites her new trim figure on gruelling rehearsals for the US reality TV show Dancing With The Stars, after she lost a stone after just three weeks of rehearsals. She said: 'I was expecting to put on weight after the show, but I've actually lost a few more pounds. I think my metabolism is just faster now.'

She made the final three of the show last November, but was pipped to the ballroom crown by singer Donny Osmond. But she said having shed the pounds for the show, she is keen to keep the momentum going and is happy to show off her new figure.

Basically, you go Kelly! I'm so happy working out worked out for her. She looks amazing, and see ladies, she didn't need to be this fit to get her hot boyfriend! I just hope she stays at this weight... she doesn't need to lose any more!

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