Wednesday, March 31, 2010

about this game...

today was the most anticipated UEFA Champs League game - ARSENAL v. FC BARCELONA. I was looking forward to it since the draw placed the two teams together a couple weeks ago. Now, I love my Arsenal bbs, but I (like everyone else- including those who didn't want to admit it) feared Barca's wrath, Messi & the overall strength of Barcelona's team. Still, I had faith in my Gunners! Although I wanted them to win, I'm happy with their performance today... at least the second half. I wanted stab something over the annoyingness of Barca's possession during the first half. Literally, we didn't see Arsenal's side of the field. wtf. I praise Arsenal's goalie, Almunia, for his relentless keeping in the first half. That one part where he defended like, 3 potential goals in the span of like, 10 seconds was amazing and exhilirating. The second half put me in overdrive! Ibrahimovic's lucky ass goal less than a minute into the second half was the start of a tense, stressful next 45+ minutes for me. And the second goal like 15 minutes later? I wanted to freakin smack the giant ogre. Can't hate though... He tried so hard the whole game to score. Just as I thought my babies would upset their entire Emirates Stadium, freakin Wegner finally decides to put Walcott in and YAY, MY BABY SCORED!! Slightly underrated, but hopefully English National team coach Capello paid attention (ahem*worldcup*ahem). Horray for hope! Fast forward some, with one red card for Puyol later (kinda unfair, but too bad), my ultimate love Cesc scored on a penalty kick, all while hurting himself at the same time. Poor baby :(

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