Wednesday, March 31, 2010

back to Cesc Fabregas for a sec...

Even bbfl Pique feels concerned! Awww, look at Henry :(

Can we talk about his selflessness? His exquisite leadership? His determination?
He was already semi-injured before his visible limping at the end of the game. Coach Wegner made the decision to put him in the game just before the game started. It was that last minute. Even with his discomfort, he was able to score. But then in his resolve, Cesc managed to somehow injure his leg yet refused to come off the field so he could help his teammates out as much as he could... Here's what the captain had to say:

"I am not good," he said. "We have to wait for tomorrow but I hope I will be able to wear the Arsenal shirt again this season. I fear the worst, which is that I broke something. I took the penalty quite strong and after that I went to get the ball and I couldn't walk any more.

"I don't think it's going to be good news but I hope that it will be. It is the fibula. For 85 minutes it was not a gamble to play tonight. I knew in my mind I was not 100% and I knew in my mind that there was something there. But until the penalty I was feeling quite good.

"It was a gamble worth taking. It was an amazing experience, an amazing game and I will remember it all my life. The injury was bad but I think I would have done it anyway, having been injured before."

And now, there are talks about him possibly NOT being in the World Cup cuz of his "potential" broken leg, WHICH I CANNOT TAKE. ABSOLUTELY NOT. HE NEEDS TO PLAY FOR SPAIN. OKAY, let's not get in over our heads... As a rooter for Spain in the WC (& the USA of course), Cescy has to play! Waaaaaaah (*Snooki's voice*)!! Ok, I'm thinking negatively. See you in South Africa, Cesc! If not in the UEFA Champs League finals! ;)

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