Monday, April 5, 2010

now that fasting is over...

... I can't wait until I hit some hotspots I have written down! For the past 55 days, I've observed Orthodox lent, which includes the restriction of animal products of any kind (milk, eggs, meat, butter, etc.). More than just a way to stay 'healthy', the fasting period really offers an opportunity to engage in mental and spiritual cleansing and is wholly worth the 55 days without some really good food. Here's some of what I can't wait to consume (or if I have already consumed it in the past day since Easter, what I can't wait to consume more of! ha)

Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino with extra chocolate & no whipped cream please

A shame I've only eaten a BJ's pizookie twice. Tsk.
Hell yeah for chicken fajitas! So. good.
cerealllll... nom nom I missed milk oh so much. Here's some milk below, pictured with one of my fave cereals, Corn Flakes!
Yogurtland! I'm more eager to eat the Oreo toppings than the ice cream itself, ha

Yummy ass pizza, preferably from the BEST pizza joint Chuck E Cheese. Pizza Hut thin crust veggie pizza can suffice as well.

This picture makes my mouth water. In-n-Out veggie burger... Delish Thousand Island dressing (it's made with mayo & egg, y'all) and crispy buns! yum.

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