Saturday, April 17, 2010

pleez say it isn't so.

"Kim Kardashian Caught Kissing Sexy Portuguese Soccer Stud"

Newly single Kim Kardashian and hunky Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo recently hooked up in Madrid, Spain, a Kardashian pal confirms to

On Monday, Kardashian 29, had a romantic lunch with Real Madrid star Ronaldo, 25, at eatery La Dorado. An onlooker at the restaurant observed the pair "kissing" and being "very affectionate."

Paparazzi shots show each leaving La Dorado separately. The pair then traveled in separate cars back to Ronaldo's mansion, where the reality star stayed for several hours.

A Kardashian pal explains that Kardashian and Ronaldo recently met in L.A.; when the athlete heard that Kardashian was in his home city (she watched his team play at a Saturday night game), they decided to meet up.

So far, the hot new couple are "just having fun." Kardashian is "taking her time," the pal says. "They both travel a lot, so it's easy for them to see each other." Last June, Ronaldo signed a six-year, 80-million euro ($132 million) deal with Real Madrid -- reportedly making him the world's highest-paid soccer player.

Kardashian and New Orleans Saints player Reggie Bush, 25, ended their on-and-off relationship of nearly three years last month. "Sometimes loving each other isn't enough," a source explained to Us Weekly. "They wanted different things."

Lordarmercy, I don't find CR thaaaat cute (only on his good days, guys) but I don't know why I'm feeling slightly jealous. It is because Kim can just meet 'good-looking' people-no matter how far they live-and have the ability to snag them for herself? Yeah, I think that's it. Lucky trick. I will say however, that it is exciting that their two over-paparazzi-ed worlds will join forces. Just think of the over-the-top fashion!! Plus, I will just DIE if they somehow survive together long enough for him to make a cameo on Keeping Up With the Kardashians!!! OMG.

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