Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Kanye leaned over and said, 'Play track three.' They all went nuts, Kid Cudi was dancing on the table, and then we cut it off at about a minute-and-a-half. We went to another record, and that got everybody excited, and Kanye said, 'Play number seven.' That's how it kept happening. By the end of the process, we played four records," the DJ added.

According to Jones, there was no microphone announcement made by West — he just asked for the records to be played and "kind of took over the spot." Jones wasn't able to identify the titles of the tracks he spun but described them as "real hip-hop," sans Auto-Tune, singing, or even West's trademark soul samples."

NEED. NEW. KANYE. MUSIC. NOW!!!!!! I am so freakin excited, it's bananas. I'm mad the DJ said "no soul samples", though. How can he neglect his College Dropout sample-filled roots?! Maybe it was just those 4 songs. I'm looking forward for "real hip-hop" and anything Kanye, as he makes almost everything sound amazing.

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