Wednesday, May 26, 2010

so basically i feel very noob because i know nothing about kpop (although this may make me want to know about it) but...

...I love hood guys. No matter the race, ethnic background, WHATEVER. I think guys who dress hood are adorable. I think it's even better when they dress hood and are not African-American/of African descent/whatever (because it is stereotyped that most people of African descent dress hood, whatever)! As the title expresses, I feel hella n00b because I know this guy has been around for a while in the Korean music scene and has a large following and yes, I barely found out about him. Better late than never?! Yes. And as a female, I feel it is one of my responsibilities to educate the masses on fine/hot/adorable men (ie: model roundups, footballers, etc.). So here is a beautiful Korean man and I'm excited about where my exploration of Kpop will take me, lol.... Meet (or reintroduce yourself to) Taeyang, of R&B/hip-hop boyband Big Bang.

oh yeah, and he has 'body'.

gifs, if you need more convincing.

he can sing also!! *swoon*

Also, he's 22, can dance, and according to Wikipedia, has never had a girlfriend and is very shy. x) Awww!!

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