Monday, June 7, 2010

artist spotlight: Sleigh Bells.

Who: A boy and girl duo based in Brooklyn, NY.
What: Noise pop/electro/hip-hop/grimy/dance/punk/heavy guitar... An amalgamation of loud musical yummy-ness, really. She sings, he does the beats.
When: They released their debut album last month on the 11th, partly under M.I.A.'s N.E.E.T Records. Prior to that, they were underground (they still are?) and released bomb songs on their MySpace.

Meet Sleigh Bells, the energetic and rowdy duo from NYC! Their music is best when played loud as hell. I first heard of them when lurking on M.I.A. sites after I was sick of no new music from her... I learned she created a small record label of her own and decided to check out her artists, knowing that they'd probably sound like her. Not surprisingly, Sleigh Bells does often get comparisons to their mentor M.I.A., but I really don't think they sound like one another. Sleigh Bells is heavily influenced by this "post-hardcore" punk thing, as evidenced by the producer, Derek Miller. He was previously a guitarist for Poison the Well, a post-hardcore band. After finding singer/fifth grade teacher Alexis Krauss at a restaurant, the two collaborated and became Sleigh Bells. A favorite at indie festivals like Coachella and South by Southwest, Sleigh Bells is slowly garnering attention and making a name for themselves with their genre-bending music. Check out some of my fave songs off their album, Treats:

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