Monday, June 7, 2010


You know I looooove the UK, right? Well, I love entertainers from there too. I kind of went on a UK-youtube-user binge and out came these results I wanted to share with you!

One my fave youtube singers starting in 2008 until now, Mike Hough, unsuccesfully tried out for Britain's X Factor, but remains today amazing his fanbase and youtube users. Here's his beautiful rendition of Daniel Merriweather's glorious song "Red"

Jessie J, another artist I have loved for a while, with her classic song "Big White Room"

Leon Jackson, WINNER OF X Factor regularly blogs videos of himself singing. He is often called the "British Michael Buble" (sry, but no comparison!) and his sound here is so refreshing. He and his friend KILL "Broken Strings"

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