Tuesday, July 13, 2010

underrated but oh so talented!

The music industry is a brutal battlefield, where standing out is what gets you to stay afloat. There are some artists who are below-average singers, but paired with audio techs and amazing production, unfairly sell millions of records. There are other artists who solely succumb to the sadness that is "sex sells" and force their body and image onto the eyes of consumers. Then there are those artists who possess true musical ability and vocal capability, yet fail to garner the attention and success as those who are below-average and use the "sex sells" tactic. The below artists, to me, are the epitome of the latter statement. They belong to the teen category, but all sing like they've been doing what they do for decades. It saddens me that someone like Miley Cyrus can make her millions and be around the same age category as these girls, but not sound as good as they do. Sure they appeal to different audiences, but who can say that they've touched and appealed to more people? Miley Cyrus. ..... So please, check out these amazing singers!


Although JoJo has had moderate success, even making the Forbes Top Twenty Earners Under 25 List in 2007, she has been underrated & overlooked for too long now. I really hope with her new album dropping in mid-2009 people really notice her amazing vocal ability... because this girl can SING! Favorite Tracks: "Anything", "Too Little, Too Late", "Let It Rain", "How To Touch A Girl"

Karina Pasian

Karina Pasian is one astounding singer. She is a pianist, polylingual, was fought over by Jay-Z, Diddy & Jimmy Iovine, & was nominated for a Grammy... and she hasn't hit 18 yet. So why haven't you heard of this Dominican-Armenian from New York City yet? Beats me, but I hope she has a bright future ahead of her because her vocals rival those 10 years her senior and then some. Favorite Tracks: "Winner", "16 @ War", "Can't Find the Words", verses on the remixes of "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" & "With You"

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is popular for her role in the Disney Channel movie "Camp Rock" & her lead role in the sitcom "Sonny With A Chance", but this Disney "teen queen" should be revered and best known for her killer pipes. Demi can sing her butt off but is often overlooked because of more popular Disney stars like Miley Cyrus & Selena Gomez. Her rock-tinged vocals have even gotten her compliments from another great artist, Paramore singer Hayley Williams. Favorite Tracks: "Get Back", "Trainwreck", "La La Land", "Two Worlds Collide"

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