Thursday, July 15, 2010


I normally don't get excited over ish like this, but this is Kanye West!! His *hopefully official* tracklist for Good Ass Job has been leaked!!


1. Hell Of a Life (feat. Lil’ Wayne) [Kanye West x DJ Toomp]
2. Dark Fantasy [RZA]
3. Power [S1]
4. Chain Heavy (feat. Eminem x Jay-Z) [Kanye West]
5. Ghetto University (feat. T.I.) [Kanye West x DJ Toomp]
6. That’s My Girl (feat. Katy Perry x Kid Cudi) [Kanye West x Jon Brion]
7. Runaway [Kanye West x Q-Tip]
8. Lost In The World (feat. Nicki Minaj x Rick Ross) [Kanye West x No I.D.]
9. Gorgeous (Ode To Kardashians) (feat. Drake x Game x Ludacris) [Kanye West]
10. Monster [Kanye West x DJ Premier]
11. Holding Me Back (feat. Mos Def x Talib Kweli x Phonte) [Kanye West x Madlib]
12. Devil In a New Dress [Pete Rock]
13. The Joy (feat. Common x John Legend) [Kanye West]
14. So Appalled (feat. Drake x Jamie Foxx) [Kanye West x No I.D.]
15. Blame Game [DJ Toomp]
16. Sweat On My Face [DJ Premier]


1. Why Katy Perry?!
2. DJ TOOMP!!!!!! I love his beats.
3. "Ode to Kardashians"? oh lawd... no thanks. I'm excited to hear it nonetheless!
4. Why is Drake on 2 songs? hahaha
5. I could already see myself rocking out to this!!

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