Monday, October 25, 2010

Thoughts on "Runaway" by Kanye West.

So. Kanye premiered his debut film called Runaway yesterday. I watched it live on MTV (there were commercials ugh) and as a stan, have a couple thoughts about it:

  1. Nicki Minaj as narrator OH MY GOSH D: The accent is an insult to all people from the UK for real. But from :41 on, it sounded like spoken word lol
  2. The first track on the film sounded like it could've been from "College Dropout"!!! YASSS!
  3. The cinematography was stunning. Big ups to Kanye as a director.
  4. This was the prettiest I have ever seen Selita Ebanks.
  5. The TV was like in "Spice World"! yay
  6. The acting (speaking-wise mostly) was horrendous.
  7. The color pallette was gorgeous.
  8. The music was so good!! I don't really get a "College Dropout" vibe from it though (booo). I get more of a ghetto-er "Late Registration" plus a more subdued "Graduation" vibe from his next album.
  9. The dancing period during "Power".... LOL. But I loved what he did with that beat-maker thing. Super sick.
  10. Rihanna is on a track?!? It sounded good, damn it. -_-
  11. Michael Jackson head!!! hahaha why? but i loved it
  12. oh Kanye, it doesn't matter if you don't want it to symbolize this... but a KKK hood is a KKK hood, sorry #kanyeshrug
  13. Those who know me, know I love ballet. I also love ballet and hip-hop together. I was even thinking of choreographing a ballet routine to E-40's "Gouda" (don't ask why, I just think the two go well together lol). But the "Runaway" ballet sequence was stretched out tooooo long. It was pretty for the first 2 minutes, then it got old and repetitive. Props to them for staying still for so long though!
  14. Selita's screaming when she saw the dead bird!!!! D: LOL
  15. The bird speaks!!! & Kanye saying "I'LL NEVER LET YOU BURN" hahahaha
  16. "Lost in the World" is my jam!!!! The beginning has a "Hide & Seek"-vibe! #lahv
  17. "Monster" wasn't in the film :(

Final Verdict??:

Why. I didn't really get the purpose... Maybe him raising from the ~ashes and restoring himself to start anew? Idk. Call me dumb. Also, I think whatever he was trying to get across could have been cut in half aka like 10 minutes. It was just... extra. It was his prerogative to do it, I guess. I just don't know what he was trying to prove and why it was broadcast on like, 3 channels. It was pretty to look at, but that was it for me. I really hope other artists don't feel the need to and think just because they have the ~power to do so, will venture into something that they don't need to meddle in. Wow, I sound like a hater lol

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